Entekra™ offers a fully-integrated off-site solution (FIOSS™) for residential and commercial applications.

By completely integrating concept, design and engineering with off-site manufacturing and on-site assembly, Entekra delivers all structural elements of a building – prefabricated wall panels, prefabricated floor panels, prefabricated roof trusses, and all relevant materials – in component form for on-site assembly. What makes Entekra’s FIOSS unique in the U.S. market is that it is a complete system which is custom manufactured to the exacting specifications of each project.

Entekra’s FIOSS allows for the structural shell of a building to be assembled and made weather-tight in an average of three to four days on the job site with significantly less labor, as compared to an average of three to four weeks for traditional stick-built construction. In the case of multi-story buildings, Entekra’s FIOSS becomes even more appealing with the savings being measured in months rather than weeks compared to traditional stick-framing methods. Trades may also begin work earlier and simultaneously on both the interior and exterior, accelerating the overall construction timeline by up to 33 percent.

Entekra’s solutions are the most technologically advanced engineered building system available in the United States, offering flexibility to accommodate the needs of any builder regardless of size and are ideal for an extensive range of applications, including:

Entekra panelized home manufacturing

Single-family Housing – single-family and custom homes, or large scale housing developments

Multi-story panelized housing

Multi-story Housing – including condominiums as well as apartments and other multi-story family dwellings

Entekra Systems classrooms educational

Education – new construction projects for classrooms and student housing as well as temporary school buildings

Medical buildings

Healthcare – medical offices, clinics, hospitals and laboratories

Commercial structures

Commercial – office buildings, shopping centers, and other types of low-rise commercial real estate projects of up to five stories